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Palm reading for female
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Lines are not written into the human hand without any reason. The marks and lines in the hand describe a vivid picture of events that took place and going to took place in your life. The quality of all lines is important because it strengthens or weakens the functions they represent. The mounts are raised areas within your palm which like astrology are linked with the qualities associated with the planets. If you cup your hand slightly and look down through your wrist in to your palm you will see the mounts as slightly raised areas looking like hills rising up around your palm..As indicated in the figure below the mount are shown in red color .The major mounts are :mount of Jupiter Saturn Apollo mercury and Venus  .The essence of palmistry lies in identifying the hand type. Which can be attributed to individual characteristics? Temperament and disposition are indeed largely indicated by the shape of the hand itself. It is even a remarkable thing that though work and exercise may enlarge and broaden the hand yet the type of which it belongs is never destroyed If you keenly observe your palm you can see various types of shapes and structures .Some common symbols a palm contains are star island spot and grille. According to palmistry some symbols are auspicious and some are inauspicious .Positions of the signs and symbols are very important as predictions are made on this basis
             Palm Reading is a contribution of India.Indian sages like Narada , Valmiki , Garga , Bhrigu  , Prahlada and Astrologers like Varahamihira have done a lot of contributions in Palmistry . This is greatly discussed in their book Bhavishya Puranam and Hastha Sanjeevani.We are publishing a lot of books related the same.TO have a look click on the link below

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